Los Angeles Attorneys Represent Injured Stunt People

California workers’ compensation lawyers secure reimbursement for medical costs and legal salary substitutes

Audiences around the world are thrilled by the action of Hollywood movies. As tough as film superstars might seem though, they’re usually not the ones flying through the air, falling out of the window or suffering other types of physical punishment. Stuntmen and stuntwomen are the people putting their bodies on the line without the fame or multimillion-dollar contracts. If you’ve been hurt while performing a stunt, Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel is here to see that you get properly reimbursed for your medical costs and the income you’ve lost while unable to work. We are accomplished California workers’ compensation attorneys who are committed to helping victims collect the benefits they’ve earned. From our office on Wilshire Boulevard, we serve injured stunt performers in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

Firm seeks workers’ compensation benefits for Hollywood stunt performers

Production companies, studios and advertising agencies are required to maintain workers’ compensation insurance for members of the stunt team as well as others on the set. This coverage is provided to people who could get injured during a shoot. The incident does not even have to occur on camera for a victim to receive workers’ comp benefits. You can make a claim even if you are hit by a light that falls while you’re waiting on the set.

Falls, vehicle collisions, burns and other types of incidents where stunt performers are hurt lead to broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and even permanent harm such as paralysis and disfigurement. Unlike a personal injury claim, you do not have to prove negligence on anyone’s part to obtain workers’ compensation benefits for medical treatment, legal salary substitutes and permanent disability. However, insurance companies often try to deny the payments that rightfully belong to stunt people and others. This is when it is particularly important to have an accomplished California attorney on your side.

Proud to assist members of the Stuntmen’s and Stuntwomen’s Associations

Since the 1960s, the Stuntmen’s and Stuntwomen’s Associations of Motion Pictures have helped the professionals involved with stunt work receive the respect and benefits that they’ve earned. Representing stunt coordinators and second unit directors in addition to stunt performers, these associations are dedicated to maximizing members’ potential by highlighting their unique talent, skills and experience.

Of course, injuries are part of the job, and our firm is honored to work on behalf of Stuntmen’s and Stuntwomen’s Association members so that they can get the money they need to cover medical bills, rehabilitation expenses and the income that they lost while recuperating. We honor the daring, dangerous work performed by members of these groups and make every legal effort to ease the burden on them and their families after an injury.

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