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Any back and neck injury is cause for concern. Neck pain may result from muscle or ligament strain or a physiological problem related to the spinal column. Chronic back pain can be caused by a pinched nerve or a disc injury. The most severe back injuries can cause nerve damage and paralysis. For more than 40 years, the Los Angeles law firm of Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel have been representing clients in work-related accidents resulting in back and neck injuries. As specialists in workers’ compensation, we can thoroughly assess the seriousness of your injuries and pursue the maximum monetary recovery available.


Back or neck injuries can be caused by construction accidentscommercial driver accidents, machine accidents, falls and other workplace incidents. The most serious accidents involve direct impact to the head, a penetrating wound or direct trauma to the neck. Common types of injuries are:

  • Neck strain — The sudden force of an impact can cause your head to jerk forward or backward can stretch, tearing the muscles and tendons in your neck: a syndrome often called whiplash.
  • Neck sprain — This is damage caused by tearing of the ligaments, the tissues that connect the bones to each other.
  • Neck fracture — A break in a cervical bone may be caused by an impact or fall.
  • Cervical dislocation — Spinal instability can result when a neck bone moves out its normal position.
  • Herniated disk — This damage may result from tears in the outer fibers of a spinal disc brought on by increased stress to the spinal joint, affecting nearby nerves.
  • Fractured vertebrae — This can occur when bones are pushed together and collapse or when pieces of bone explode into tissues around the spine, affecting the nerves and spinal cord.
  • Dislocated vertebrae — When ligaments are torn, the bones in the spine may slide away from each other, affecting nearby nerves.
  • Spinal cord injury — Damage to any part of the spinal cord or connecting nerves can cause permanent changes in strength, sensation, limb control and bodily functions.
  • Paralysis — This most severe form of injury can affect all or part of the trunk, arms, legs and pelvic organs.

The most severe of these injuries leave clients unable to return to work, making them eligible for permanent disability benefits. If you were on the job — even as a passenger in an automobile — when an accident caused you harm, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. As soon as you experience symptoms, inform your employer in writing of your intention to file a claim. Waiting longer than 30 days can make you ineligible.

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