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workers comp attorneys for teamsters
Intl Brotherhood of Teamsters
workers comp attorneys for sheriffs
Assoc. of L.A. Deputy Sheriffs
workers comp attorneys for uaw
United Auto Workers
workers comp attorneys for lafd
L.A. County Firefighters Assoc.
Police Protective League
personal injury attorneys for cal state employees
CA State Employees Assoc.
personal injury attorneys for cal school employees
CA School Employees Assoc.
personal injury attorneys for attorneys
CA Applicants Attys. Assoc.
personal injusr attorney for office workers
Office & Professional
Employees Intl Union
personal injury attorneys for service workers
Service Employees Intl Union
personal injury attorneys for opeiu
American Federation of State
County & Municipal Employees
peosnal injury attorney for theatrical unions workers
International Alliance of
Theatrical and Stage Employees

In addition to Workers’ Compensation, we have affiliated law firms “of counsel” who specialize in the areas of:

  • Gender Discrimination
  • Wage Issues
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination
  • Wage/Overtime Issues
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Million Dollar Results
  • "MULTIMILLION DOLLAR AWARD: For injuries sustained to a physician blood pathologist, after being exposed to formaldehyde in the workplace."

  • "MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT: Verizon field technician injured at work incurring serious injuries to the lower back, neck (fusion) and upper/lower extremities."

  • "MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT: Semi-truck driver involved in an out-of-state collision while working for a Hollywood entertainment company - resulting in severe lower back, neck, chest, head, urological and psychiatric disabilities."

  • "MILLION DOLLAR AWARD: A welder received compensation for his injuries as a result of cadmium exposure causing brain damage."

  • "$1.4 MILLION SETTLEMENT: A sheet metal installer was compensated after sustaining injuries to his entire body from falling 14ft off a scissors lift."

  • "MULTIMILLION DOLLAR AWARD: Versus Coca-Cola for an injured worker who fell from a forklift and struck his head sustaining blunt force trauma to his neck, spine and shoulder."

  • "OVER $ 1 MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT: Southern California Edison Employee who sustained Fibromyalgia and Psychiatric consequences of the stress and wear-and-tear of her employment."

  • "MILLION DOLLAR AWARD: Versus Warner Brothers for employee who sustained severe spinal disabilities as a result of the physical wear-and-tear of his employment."