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A workplace accident or job-related illness can be devastating to you and your family. If you are disabled, your present and perhaps future earning capabilities are in jeopardy. It is crucial to make the best case possible for maximum compensation. If you have suffered a disabling injury on the job, we at Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel in Los Angeles are on your side. Our attorneys are certified by the California State Bar as specialists in workers’ compensation law. We have been protecting the rights of injured workers for more than 40 years.


Workplace injuries can run the gamut from minor to severe. Those that rise to the level of disabling injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Head trauma
  • Loss of a limb
  • Loss of vision or hearing
  • Spinal injury
  • Nerve injury
  • Crushing injury
  • Occupational disease

Depending on the type or severity of your injury, you may be considered totally or only partially disabled, based on the degree of your inability to work or to perform other types of employment. Our workers’ compensation attorneys are skilled in California’s formulas for calculating disability rates and can guide you through the process with the goal of obtaining maximum benefits.


In California, injured workers who cannot do their regular job may be eligible for disability on a temporary or permanent basis.

Temporary disability payments begin when a doctor determines that you cannot do your usual work for more than three days, or when you have been hospitalized overnight. This benefit pays two-thirds of your pre-tax wages and other compensation that you are unable to earn while you are recovering, up to a state-established maximum weekly amount. Payments stop when you return to work or when a doctor says you are able to do so.

Permanent disability benefits are payable if your doctor determines your recovery will not improve in the next year. Permanent disability is considered to be total if your doctor determines that you are unable to work in any capacity for the rest of your life. Partial permanent disability benefits are payable for disabilities of less than 100 percent, based on these rating factors:

  • The doctor’s detailed report of your injury
  • How much the injury or illness limits the kinds of work you can do
  • Your age
  • Your occupation
  • Your physical or mental limitations
  • The impact of any previous injuries

A disability evaluator or a workers’ compensation judge will use this disability rating to calculate the amount of your permanent disability benefit. Obtaining the appropriate disability rating is thus vital to ensuring appropriate benefits. Our attorneys can help you through the process of being evaluated by a qualified medical evaluator.

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With more than 150 years of combined experience, Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel is a strong advocate for people disabled on the job. We accept disability cases on a contingent fee basis, so that we get paid only if we get your benefits approved. To learn more about how our firm can help you, schedule a free consultation by calling 213-251-5900 or contacting our Los Angeles office online.