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Catastrophic Injuries

Winning Compensation for Victims of Catastrophic Injuries

Exceptional legal support for the most serious disability claims

A catastrophic injury is one so severe that it is expected to leave a worker incapacitated for an extended period of time and also to result in extreme financial hardship. Examples are brain injury, loss of limbs, loss of sight or hearing, spinal cord injury, paralysis, internal organ damage and severe burns. Some injuries are of such high degree that they may result in recovery of multimillion-dollar damages awards. At Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel, we are dedicated to delivering superior representation and getting victims the fullest compensation possible.

High-risk industries prone to disastrous events

Catastrophic injuries can occur at many types of jobs, but there is a higher incidence in certain lines of work. Accidents frequently happen at construction sites due to falls from heights, machinery mishaps, explosions and lack of adequate safety measures. Workers at manufacturing plants may suffer severe injuries from machinery misuse or malfunction or from occupational disease due to exposure to toxins. Chemical production carries the risk of similar injuries and ailments. Calamitous accidents may occur in the energy production industry, including mining. And public safety workers such as police and firefighters face constant danger of serious harm or even fatality.

We have represented many clients in high-risk jobs and have seen first-hand the devastating impact of these disasters. If you or a family member has suffered a life-altering injury at work, our workers’ compensation attorneys will vigorously advocate to obtain for you the benefits you need to cover your expenses and take care of your family. We also pursue wrongful death benefits for survivors of workers killed in industrial accidents or other occupational mishaps.

The long-term costs of catastrophic injuries

Victims of catastrophic injuries require extensive medical care and rehabilitation and may suffer from a permanent disability. Medical bills and the inability to work can take an immediate toll on the employee and their family. Beyond the initial costs, compensation is needed for:

  • Long-term medical treatment
  • Physical therapy
  • Skilled attendant care
  • At-home care
  • Additional medical equipment, such as special beds
  • Alterations to multiple parts of a home to accommodate an injured worker

Our attorneys build a strong workers’ compensation case that involves an accident investigation, documentation of company policies and assembling of medical records. We also consult, as needed, with experts in workplace safety, accident reconstruction, medicine and occupational and vocational rehabilitation.

Contact our Los Angeles workers’ comp attorneys for help with catastrophic injury claims

With more than 150 years of combined experience, at Goldschmid, Silver & Spindel we are strong advocates for people who suffer debilitating workplace injuries. We accept cases on a contingent fee basis, so that we get paid only if we win benefits for you. To learn more about how our firm can help, schedule a free consultation by calling 213-251-5900 or contacting our Los Angeles office online.

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Million Dollar Results
  • "MULTIMILLION DOLLAR AWARD: For injuries sustained to a physician blood pathologist, after being exposed to formaldehyde in the workplace."

  • "MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT: Verizon field technician injured at work incurring serious injuries to the lower back, neck (fusion) and upper/lower extremities."

  • "MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT: Semi-truck driver involved in an out-of-state collision while working for a Hollywood entertainment company - resulting in severe lower back, neck, chest, head, urological and psychiatric disabilities."

  • "MILLION DOLLAR AWARD: A welder received compensation for his injuries as a result of cadmium exposure causing brain damage."

  • "$1.4 MILLION SETTLEMENT: A sheet metal installer was compensated after sustaining injuries to his entire body from falling 14ft off a scissors lift."

  • "MULTIMILLION DOLLAR AWARD: Versus Coca-Cola for an injured worker who fell from a forklift and struck his head sustaining blunt force trauma to his neck, spine and shoulder."

  • "OVER $ 1 MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT: Southern California Edison Employee who sustained Fibromyalgia and Psychiatric consequences of the stress and wear-and-tear of her employment."

  • "MILLION DOLLAR AWARD: Versus Warner Brothers for employee who sustained severe spinal disabilities as a result of the physical wear-and-tear of his employment."