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Big Cases

Goldschmid, Silver and Spindel has the proven skills and resources to achieve multi-million-dollar results in select cases. Here are a few examples:

  • A multimillion dollar award has been given to a physician blood pathologist for injuries sustained while working for the County of Los Angeles. He was exposed to formaldehyde causing injuries in the form of rhinitis, allergies, gastrointestinal, irritable bowel syndrome, upper and lower G.I., psych, internal and lumbar spine injuries.
  • A Verizon field technician has received a million settlement as a result of serious injuries to his lower back, neck (fusion) and upper and lower extremities.
  • A semi-truck driver involved in an out-of-state collision has received in excess of $1 million settlement while working for a Hollywood entertainment industry company. This resulted in severe low back, neck, chest, head, urological, psychiatric disabilities.
  • Welder received multimillion dollar award as a result of cadmium exposure causing frontal lobe brain damage.
  • Journeyman Sheet Metal Installer received $1.4 million settlement against Travelers as a result of falling 14 feet from a scissors lift and sustaining injury to his entire body
  • Multimillion dollar award versus Coca-Cola for an injured worker who fell from his forklift and struck his head and sustained blunt force trauma to his neck, thoracic spine, lumbar spine and right shoulder
  • Million dollar plus settlement for Southern California Edison Employee who sustained Fibromyalgia and Psychiatric consequences of the stress and wear-and-tear of her employment.
  • Multimillion dollar award versus Warner Brothers for employee who sustained severe spinal disabilities as a result of the physical wear-and-tear of his employment.


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