A work-related injury includes any injury you sustain while you are on the job or performing any duty for your employer’s benefit.


  • Single accident: dropping an object on an employee’s foot, cutting a finger or lifting a heavy object.
  • Work activity extended over a period of time: lifting heavy objects and eventually noticing pain in the back
  • Stress-related illnesses: heart attacks, nervous breakdowns and high blood pressure can be related to work stress. In order for stress to cause a psychiatric injury, it must be based upon actual work-related events and it cannot be the result of a lawful, good-faith, non-discriminatory personnel action.
  • Disease and illness: overexposure to dust, fumes or chemicals may cause an employee to develop lung disease.
  • An incident that aggravates a pre-existing injury or condition: if an employee has prior back problems or congenital defects, lifting while on a job might aggravate or further injure his back.